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College students are happy people because they are finally getting the opportunity to exercise their freedom. Many of them get to live on campus and meet new friends during this exciting time. A student credit card can help such people to become even more independent than ever. It can provide them with a unique sense of financial power and start them off on a positive note in the credit world. The following are five of the best college student credit cards of 2017. They all offer unique benefits that can help the student to succeed in life:

Discover It for Students

Cash back cards are a popular type of credit cards because they give back to the consumers. The Discover It is an amazing cash back just for students who want to have access to credit. The main benefit that the Discover It card offers is a 5 percent cash back offer on some of the purchases. The categories that qualify for the 5 percent discounts change every quarter. Items that do not fall into those categories are still eligible for a 1 percent cash back return. Other features that this card offers are features such as $20 cash back for good grades, mobile account freeze, $0 fraud liability, FICO credit score, US-based customer service and so much more.

Citi Thank You Preferred Card for College Students

Points are another type of reward that some credit cards offer their cardholders. The Citi Thank You Preferred Card for College Students is an option for students who will travel frequently. It’s perfect for those who have to take trains or planes home for the holidays, The card offers benefits such as 2x points back on dining and entertainment expenses. All other expenses earn 1x points per dollar spent. Other features of the card are EMV technology, gift cards, ticket discounts and more.

US Bank Secured Visa

Not all students enter the college world with positive credit. Some students have to rebuild their credit profiles. The US Bank Secured Visa is perfect for that situation. The card provides a credit line of $300 to $5,000 once the student sends a security deposit. The US Bank is different from other secured cards in that cardholders can transfer to unsecured cards if they exercise a positive payment history for no less than 12 months. The company will report all of the payments to the credit bureau.

Journey Student Rewards From Capital One

The Journey Student Rewards Card is an option for students who would like to earn a little bit of cash back. It is different from some of the other cash back cards because it does not require the cardholder to have perfect credit. This card provides the cardholder with an even 1.25 percent cash back on all purchases instead of focusing on categories. Other benefits that this card yields are benefits such as credit scores, $0 annual fee and timely credit line increases with timely payments.

BankAmericard Credit Card for Students

The BankAmericard option is good for students who are not concerned with earning cash back. Instead of offering cash back as a feature, this card offeres one of the lowest APRs on the market. Other benefits that the card has are options such as free FICO score, account alerts, digital wallet technology, mobile banking, no annual fee and increased credit profile. Cardholders get to esacpe thier APRs on balance transfers for the first 18 months of owning the card, as well.

Picking the Best Card

Students have a broad range of options when it comes to getting credit cards. The credit score does make a differnece when choosing a card becuase some of them do have specific requirements. Otherwise, the student should always choose the card according to his or her needs. Some studnets travel frequently and other students shop frequently. Some students would rather have a lower APR than than anything else. It all depends on the student’s desire. Once the student decides which card is the very best, he or she can then click the “apply” button and request the desired credit card. A decision will come back in about 60 seconds, and then the approved cards will be shipped out ASAP.