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Everyone knows the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” The phrase can be applied to many things, including dog breeds. So called “bully” breeds in particular tend to get a bad rap, such as pit bulls. However, there are plenty of loving dog owners who make a point to ensure people that their four legged friends are among the sweetest, most affectionate animals you could ever meet. In addition, dog owners and dog lovers everywhere insist that all dog breeds, including those deemed as “dangerous,” deserve a chance to live happy and healthy lives with their families. At the same time, it may be more difficult to get pet insurance for your dog if you happen to have a “risky” breed.

What are the Riskiest Dog Breeds?

Surprisingly, small dogs are the ones who are generally the most nippy to strangers. However, insurance companies don’t seem to care and are far more likely to give you a hard time getting coverage for your sweet pit bull. This is because there are certain dog breeds that are deemed to be risky. Generally, there are 11 breeds that fall under the risky category. These are: Pit Bulls and Staffordshire terriers; Doberman Pinschers; Rottweilers; German Shepherds; Chows; Great Danes; Presa Canarios; Akitas; Alaskan Malamutes; Siberian Huskies; and Wolf hybrids. In addition, any mix of these dog types is also considered to be risky.

How Do You Choose the Right Insurance to Cover Your Dog?

Most often, insurance companies tend to deny coverage for the first four breeds on the “riskiest dog” list, according to experts. Other companies will offer a free dog liability insurance quote and subsequent coverage, even if you have a dog that is of one of the so called risky breeds. It is important to really do your homework when you are a dog owner so that you can find the best insurance for your pet. One such company is Einhorn Insurance Agency, which provides dog liability insurance throughout the United States and is based in San Diego, California.

Know Your Insurance Company’s Policies

Einhorn Insurance owner Dori Einhorn states that many insurance companies deny dog owners homeowners’ or renters’ insurance coverage just because of the breed of dog they have as a pet. This, in turn, leads to people searching for a carrier that will cover their dog, which can be costly, especially because it can lead to the need to switch carriers for your auto insurance as well.

If you have had insurance with the same company for many years but suddenly adopted a dog that falls under the category of the 11 riskiest breeds, don’t automatically assume your new pet will be covered. Many insurance companies modify their policies and can change your coverage or even deny it if you have a “dangerous” dog breed.

Not All Dog Claims are the Same

It is also important to keep in mind that not all dog claims occur because a dog attacked or bit someone. Sometimes, they can come about because a large breed dog was very friendly and greeted someone to the point where they jumped up on the person and caused them to fall and subsequently get injured.

Additionally, even insurance companies that will provide coverage for you when you have a “risky” breed dog may charge you a higher premium. This is generally because of the supposed extra risk that is associated with these dog breeds.

As with any type of insurance, it’s best to shop around before settling on one company. Read all of the fine print and learn about each company’s rules regarding the 11 riskiest dog breeds if you have one of them or are planning on bringing one of those types of dogs into your home.